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Tennessee Pack

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Congratulations to PDD Lee N Rhinemiller
 for being Named 
Pack Dog of the Year
for 2021- 2022


Current Officers - 2021 - 2022
Pack Leader    PDD   Terry J. Witt
Sr. Vice Pack Leader                 PDD   W. Bryan Hudgins
Jr. Vice Pack Leader                    PDD   A. Bryce West
Smart Dog   DD      Gerald W. Jesch
Jr. Past Pack Leader                   PDD   Ronald M Russell
Dog Robber   PDD   Glen Barry Evans, PPL
Dog Trainer                 PDD    William D. Studer
Mad Dog   PDD    Jeffrey G. Tegzes
Police Dog   PDD    Terry G. Neal
Watch Dog   PDD    Eric P. Nash
Barking Dog   PDD     Douglas Essinger, PPL


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I am an American: I was born in France.  I have held the title of United States Marine, and understand the commitment of holding the title, Devil Dog.  It is a tradition born at Belleau Wood in the year 1918, of a Force In Readiness and the "First To Fight".  As a Devil Dog, I ask no quarter and give no quarter.  I will do everything in my power to uphold the objectives of the Military Order of Devil Dogs and to carry out my duties to a swift and satisfactory completion.
The Military Order of the Devil Dogs is the fun and honor society of the Marine Corps League.

Main Purpose:

Promotes good fellowship amongst the members of different Marine Corps League Detachments.  The Order provides amusement and entertainment at all gatherings of the League, when and where advisable, preserves and strengthens the principles and ideals of the League, and maintains true allegiance to the United States of America and its Constitution and laws.  It fosters and extends American institutions of freedom and defends America against all enemies foreign and domestic.  The Order is also VERY active in raising funds for children's hospitals, and associated charities.

Who Belongs:

The Military Order of Devil Dogs is made up only of Members of the Marine Corps League.  The Order only accepts the most worthy of League Members.

How to Join:

You must be a paid-up member in good standing in the Marine Corps League.  The applicant must be active in his/her Detachment in the League, and must be invited to become a member in the Order.  He/She must be recommended by the Detachment Commandant and be sponsored by two Devil Dogs or Pedigreed Devil Dogs.  The applicant is then interviewed by the the members of the Pound at a Pound Growl (a meeting is called a Growl).  If accepted, the applicant must undergo an initiation and swearing-in ceremony.


The Pound is on a local level and is usually made up of members of different Marine Corps League Detachments.  On the State level there is the Pack, and on the National level there is a Kennel.  There are three different degrees in the Order.  The lowest degree is that of a Pup.  The next degree is that of a Devil Dog.  The highest degree is that of a Pedigreed Devil Dog.  The Pup wears a black ribbon, the Devil Dog wears a red ribbon, and the Pedigreed Devil Dog wears a gold ribbon.  The ribbon is worn around the neck and a Dog Tag is attached to it.

The head of the Pound is called the Pound Keeper.  The head of the pack is the Pack Leader.  The head of the Kennel is also the head of all Devil Dogs and is called Chief Devil Dog.

The Order's many charitable donations not only help people in need, but also build good public relations for the Order, the League, and the United States Marine Corps.

MCL Ribbons Order of Precedence


     Pound Keeper
     Senior Vice-PoundKeeper
     Junior Vice-Poundkeeper
     Dog Robber
     Smart Dog
     Mad Dog
     Dog Trainer
     Watch Dog

     Barking Dog

Officers in a
MODD Pound









Senior Vice-Commandant
Junior Vice-Commandant
Judge Advocate

Responsible for all initiations at Growl
Responsible for registrations and checking passports at Growl
Responsible for Publicity; Editor of News Bulletin


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